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boys n' yaoi ~ rum n' cock
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gogo_ergo_sum: BDSM Den Mother. Mistress of Detail. Good Samaritan Cat. Cockmonger. The "Mommy." Perky blonde. Smart, sharp tongued, and loyal. Utterly obsessed with Bruce Wayne, Kuchiki Byakuya, and Dante Sparda. Quite enamored of Dante's twin, Vergil, as well as another wily devil by the name of Hiruma Youichi. Has lots of luff for Grimmjow Jaggerjack, Hisagi Shuuhei, Abarai Renji, & Shirosaki (Bleach), along with Musashi, Mizumachi x Kakei, the Kid, and more from Eyeshield 21. Drink of choice is Chateau Lafitte, a Patron Sunrise, or a nice, strong Rum n' Cock. Ideal dude to cosplay: Dante Spara! (Devil May Cry) Ideal gal to cosplay: Molotov Cocktease (The Venture Bros.) Likely to spend $500 on Prada shoes.

gogodgene: Sorceress of Smut. Goddess of Vague. Masturbation Cat. Penis or GTFO. Snark Overlord. Artist, designer, and iconographer extraordinaire. Badass brunette. True wit, true grit. Sadistic seme in a cute, chibi bod. Is absolutely crazy about the brotherly banter of Dante and Vergil Sparda. Is devoted to Grimmjow Jaggerjack, Shirosaki, Kensei Muguruma (Bleach)and loves her some Bruce/Harvey/Batman/Two Face. Is BFF's now n' forever with Hiruma Youichi- YA-HA~. Is totally GAR for big, bad dudes like Musashi, Solid Snake, Brock Samson, and Wesker. Drink of choice is Blue Moon beer or a nice Patron Sunrise. Ideal dude to cosplay: Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid). Ideal gal to cosplay: Dr. Girlfriend (The Venture Bros.) Likely to spend $500 on a video game platform.

gogo & gogod's dungeon can be found at bleach_bdsm. Like whips? Want a spankin? Come visit~

gogo & gogod co-mod Bleach Beats, a Bleach AU RP set around the music industry in NYC. Sex, drugs, rock n' roll, a healthy dose of kink, and lots of yaoi. gogo writes as Byakuya and Shuuhei. gogod writes as Renji, Shirosaki, and Kensei. Bleach Beats has been open and active for a year in May. And it keeps getting better and better. Come play! We don't bite. (unless, of course, you ask us to~)
RP (mis)adventures @ bleach_beats

gogo & gogod co-created and co-mod Hard Boiled, a dark and deadly gangster/detective Batman x Bleach x Devil May Cry x Eyeshield 21 AU RP, set in NYC in the 1950s, and written in the film noir and Hard Boiled styles. gogo writes as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Byakuya (Bleach), Dante Sparda (DMC), and Musashi (E21). gogod writes as Harvey Dent (Batman), Grimmjow Jaggerjack (Bleach), Vergil Sparda (DMC), and Hiruma Youichi (E21). The Hard Boiled universe is a gritty underworld of crime and punishment, where vice is akin to virtue, and Fate is a fickle mistress... Can you handle the heat?
Read, write, and/or play at hardboiled_rpg.

Fiction that depicts explicit BDSM and/or violence has been F-locked to this community. To read, just join the comm. To that end, friends, readers, and stalkers are welcome to join and/or watch this comm to keep up with the*gogos fics. Got questions, comments, feedback, or requests? Feel free to comment on any of the fics here, or reach us via comment or LJ private message at the_gogos. Thnx!

DISCLAIMERS: the*gogos do not own Batman, Bleach, Devil May Cry, or Eyeshield 21. No profit is derived from the fanworks posted in this journal. All fanworks posted on allxthingsxgo are the properties of gogo_ergo_sum and gogodgene and are not to be copied or re-posted without expressed, written consent. All characters depicted here in fanworks are fictional, and are considered by the authors of said material to be 18 years of age or older—regardless of their ages in the original licensed and published material.