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Happy Birthday, Musashi (Part 2)

Title: Happy Birthday, Musashi (Part 2)
Fandom: Eyeshield 21
Pairing: Musashi & Hiruma
Authors: gogochan & gogodgene
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, yaoi, B/L, oral,  mild apron kink, mild food kink, and Hiruma's wicked mouth
Summary: Hiruma attempts to bake a cake for Musashi's birthday, with disastrous results. However, thanks to Hiruma's quick thinking, and a tub of icing, the big brunet still gets his birthday wish.

Slight AU. Set several years in the future, after Hiruma and Musashi have graduated from college and are living together as a couple. Also, Musashi's birthday is in April. We had every intention of getting this fic done in time for his b-day, but then it kept getting longer, and longer, and longer...  11,000+ steamy words later and it's finally finished! We'll be posting it in three parts. Enjoy~


"Happy birthday to me!"

With that, the grinning birthday boy grabbed Hiruma around the waist and tossed him over a brawny shoulder as if the blond spitfire was no heavier than a bag of flour.

"Don't drop that frosting," Musashi said in a deep rumbling voice. He left the kitchen, heading for the stairs, eager to get them away from the smoke and closer to their bedroom. The well-built brunet took care not to jostle Hiruma anymore than he needed to. He did, however, reach up with his free hand to give his lover's lovely bottom a playful swat.

Well, this was unexpected, but not unpleasant. Musashi had certainly been going in the right direction, responding in all the right ways. The hard grind to his hips certainly made all his nerve endings tingle and the sweet smell of the frosting near his nose put his senses on edge. Just those two actions were able to make him hornier than before. The only thing that threw him off was when Musashi saw fit to throw him over a muscular shoulder and haul him up the stairs. His mouth started to word "what the hell?" but stopped short when he figured that complaining would seem like a dumb thing to do. It was his lover's birthday, after all, which entitled the man to do whatever he pleased to Hiruma. Of course, it also helped that the blond fiend was damn horny and barely cared what Musashi was doing if it somehow led to them having sex.

The only thing Hiruma wanted to complain about was the fact that he didn't have much opportunity to kiss, lick, bite, or suck on any of his well-built lover's skin. So to busy himself, the demon rubbed his clothed erection hard against Musashi's chest.

"C'mon, old man, I'm horny. If you're gonna carry me, you'd better use those fucking legs of yours to get there faster."

Musashi could only chuckle. The big brunet expected the proud blond to complain; being carried over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes wasn't exactly dignified. Hiruma's unsubtle way of making it known that he was horny--and hard--came as no surprise either. The former quarterback subjected himself to being carried--only because it was his lover's birthday--but couldn't, just couldn't, resist tossing out a taunt as a means of reasserting some dominance.

Unfortunately for Hiruma, all the cheeky quip earned him was another smack on the ass.

"I love how you find the time to boss me around, even on my birthday." As usual, Musashi took the blond devil's teasing in stride. If Hiruma suddenly started acting all sweet and demure, well...that just wouldn't be Hiruma. "Baka. Seems like you're always bugging me to go faster." The contractor tightened his grip around Hiruma's slender waist. "And don't I always oblige? Now shut up and hold on."

Musashi took the rest of the stairs two at a time, sliding Hiruma carefully off his shoulder once they reached the bedroom. His first inclination was to toss his toothy partner on the bed, and quickly follow suit--hardly an uncommon occurrence in their household. But, if he did that, Hiruma was likely to hiss and squirm, calling him ungrateful and all that crap.

The fiercely competitive blond had already lost one battle in the name of Musashi's birthday. A genius I.Q. and a talent for bluffing mattered little when it came to baking sweets. Making a cake was nothing like char-broiling meat by means of a flame thrower. After fumbling with what the cookbook called a "beginner recipe," the ex-quarterback was keen to regain a sense of control.

Which was all well and good for Musashi, considering he was entirely beguiled by the idea of a buttercream-flavored blowjob.

"So..." The brunet scratched his left ear with his pinky, waiting for his apron-clad lover to direct the action. That apron... There wasn't anything special, or cutesy, or clever about it. It didn't say, "Kiss the Chef" or "Barbecue Badass," nor was it edged in frills, or printed with button mushrooms or bright red peppers. It was just a plain, white cooking apron, albeit one that bore evidence of a recipe gone wrong.

Still, finding the utterly un-domestic Hiruma in the apron, in the kitchen, was quite the novel anomaly. Now that they were in the bedroom... Well, take into the account the tub of frosting, and the whole scene suddenly felt...

Kinda kinky~

Musashi looked at Hiruma with inquisitive eyes. "Where'd you get the apron?" The brunet bit his bottom lip, releasing it a moment later to form a wry smile. "Never thought I'd say this, but...it looks good on you."

Hiruma crossed his arms, suddenly aware of the fact that he was still in the apron. When he had bought the damn thing, he'd made sure to get the plainest one possible, just in case he was caught wearing it. Which he had been. It was embarrassing to wear something that was so (in his eyes)...girly. Aprons were meant for women, not for men (no matter how thin he was, Hiruma was all man). Of course, he didn't feel as bad as when he'd initially tied it on, since Musashi just commented that it looked good on him.

Though, no matter how many compliments he received, it was still awkward to wear. Hiruma gave the bigger man in front of him a side-ways glance, smile in place.

"I don't think it matters where I got it, especially since you like it so much." The mischievous blond latched his hands to the front of Musashi's pants, tugging them down playfully. "Maybe next time I'll wear it for you naked. ...If you're good."

Awww. Hiruma was embarrassed again. Musashi could tell, even when the blond's cheeks stayed pale and his expression remained dour. Before they'd ever been lovers, the toothy, wise-cracking demon had been the brunet's best friend. He'd learned to read the subtlest and sliest of Hiruma's gestures, could see truth behind his inscrutable poker face, and, over the years, had come to know the cunning blond almost as well as he knew himself.

Regardless of this hard-earned and highly-treasured knowledge, Musashi need only to study the very tips of the demon's pointed ears (which were flushed to a darling shade of rose) to discern that he was slightly put off by the attention paid to the apron.

Though, as always, Hiruma mastered his discomfort in the blink of an eye, instantly turning the situation to his advantage by way of taunting words guaranteed to up the ante. At the mention of wearing the apron again, with nothing underneath, Musashi felt his cheeks grow warm. That infernal teme. Without even trying, Hiruma found yet another chink in the big brunet's carnal armor.

Musashi'd been gifted with a naturally sturdy physique. Even in middle school, he'd been brawnier than the average student. Years of construction work and athleticism had sculpted his body into that of a professional body builder's. When it came to physical strength, he could best Hiruma with minimal effort. But in a battle of wits, or in matters of seduction, the wily demon had him beat every time.

Hiruma leaned in to press his lips to his lover's still clothed abdomen, pushing the shirt up slowly to lick and bite at any exposed skin. He enjoyed feeling the strong muscle under tan skin, working his agile tongue around and in his partner's navel. Long fingers massaged the obvious bulge as teeth nipped a path down again, only stopping when Musashi's pants got in the way. A quick pop of the button on the annoying things gave him more to taste, but ultimately they were still blocking him from anything else.

Musashi's breath caught when Hiruma untucked his tailored dress shirt by means of wicked lips and a talented tongue. He wondered wryly whether another work shirt would fall victim to the perilous ardor of his lover's sharp teeth. No matter. The cost of the shirt was a small price to pay for being the one and only object of Hiruma's affection...and sexual desire. The big brunet moaned softly when long, nimble fingers rubbed at his erection. It was quite a relief to feel the button pop open, as his pants were quickly becoming uncomfortably tight.

The blond trickster looked up at his lover, enjoying the way the former kicker's eyes were focused almost completely on his mouth. Hiruma flashed his set of sharp, pearly whites in a knowing grin. "Ya know, I really can't get anywhere if you don't lay down and take your pants off. Unless you want to stand there. Which, ya know, you can...if you wanna struggle to stand up while I'm sucking your cock like a pro. Your call."

"Hiruma..." Musashi groaned out the name, eyes rolling partly in pleasure, and partly from the way his lover talked so damn dirty...with such ease. "Don't worry. I can't wait to shed these clothes and get comfortable." He returned Hiruma's cagey smile with a smirk of his own. "But first..." The brunet grabbed the front of Hiruma's apron and hauled him up to eye level. He leaned in for a light kiss, barely brushing their lips together in way that he knew would leave the horny blond wanting more. "Let's get you out of this dirty apron, hmm? Unless you're still determined to whip up something in the kitchen."

Hiruma was slender, and the apron's straps were quite long. They'd been looped around his waist once and tied off in the front. Musashi made short work of the loose knot, and was unable to stifle a happy grin as he pulled the apron away and tossed it to the side. Too bad Hiruma hadn't tied the long straps into a bow. Then it would really feel as though he were unwrapping a birthday gift. Not that he was complaining. Hell no. Musashi ran large hands over his lover's lithe form with the intention of tugging off the tight white tee-shirt, humming the "Happy Birthday" song under his breath all the while.

Hiruma was glad that his lover was so enjoying his seductive ministrations; not that he'd never enjoyed them before. The lewd blond also enjoyed the fact that they were both relatively on the same page. Well, right up to the point where Musashi decided to fuss with the accursed apron. The one thing on Hiruma's mind had been getting Musashi out of his clothes, not the other way around. Of course, he wasn't going to say much about it, since he eventually needed to take the damn thing off. The trickster also didn't appreciate that his broad partner was going at a snail's pace, leaving him wanting everything more and more. When his quiet lover barely brushed his lips against Hiruma's own, the mischief maker took matters into his own hands by kissing him fervently.

"We both know the only whipping I'll do is in the bedroom."

When the brunet had finished relieving him of the white apron, Hiruma was quick to grind himself into his lover's body. Without that stupid thing in the way, he was able to feel Musashi's arousal against his own much better. Hiruma nipped and sucked at the former kicker's bottom lip, helping the brunet out with his shirt by pulling it off himself. The demonic blond was in no mood to wait. He pulled against Musashi's pants, looking at him with a smoldering glare.

"Ya know, the only sound you should be making right now is moaning. 'Course, we'll never get to that if you don't fucking get your pants off." To prove a point, Hiruma dipped one slender hand inside of Musashi's tailored pants, fingers teasingly stroking and fondling the hard shaft within. The miscreant licked his lips in anticipation, impatient to follow through with his earlier idea.

"So let's not waste any more time, huh? I want my dessert."

Musashi couldn't help but laugh at Hiruma's quip about "whipping." And then he moaned, partly to make his lover happy, and partly because what his lover was doing down there was making him very happy.

Hiruma... Always so impatient. Of course, Musashi was used to it, and dealt with all but the demon's fiercest temper tantrums without batting an eye. Nonetheless, it was quite amusing how this little adventure was all about Hiruma, and what he wanted--as though it were actually his birthday and not Musashi's.

"Now, now... Whose birthday is it, anyway? What I call 'savoring the moment,' you consider 'wasting time.'" The quiet brunet wound a sturdy hand through Hiruma's thick shock of blond hair. His eyelids fluttered at the demon's teasing ministrations, and he couldn't help but thrust himself against those devilish fingers, eager for more touching, more friction, more Hiruma.

"If you're in such a hurry to get these pants off," Musashi teased in return. It wouldn't do to make things too easy for Hiruma. "Do it your damn self."

Hiruma quirked an eyebrow when Musashi mentioned "savoring the moment." For the blond, savoring wasn't in his dictionary. There were always too many things to do to savor anything. Well, almost too many things to do. But if he ended up letting Musashi savor the moment any longer, it'd take forever to finally get the man in bed. He'd rather have sex as many times as possible instead lingering on any one little thing for too long.

"Well, we've got six and a half more hours until your birthday is over. I don't know about you, but I wanna make good use of that time and repeat 'birthday sex' as often as possible." The mischievous demon stroked Musashi's cock harder, squeezing the head every so often. Although, all movements of his hand ceased on his lover's arousal the moment the brunet presented Hiruma with a challenge.

The trickster grabbed his broad lover's necktie, pressing both of their bodies close together as he smiled a toothy grin.

"Gladly." Hiruma quickly pushed the former kicker back onto the bed, taking advantage of the situation by claiming his lips. Quick hands worked off the silk tie and unbuttoned the tailored shirt, lips blazing a wet trail down Musashi's body. Hiruma wasted no time in tugging his partner's pants down to strong thighs, making sure to nip and salaciously lick at the brunet's still-covered erection. Green eyes locked with warm brown, hands pulling down grey boxer-briefs to release the hard shaft from its confines. Then, a teasing lick was all Hiruma bestowed on it.

"Aren't you glad I do things my damn self sometimes?"

Musashi's eyes had snapped open in surprise when Hiruma saw fit to push him onto the bed. He released his hold on the demon's hair, using his elbows to drag himself fully onto their plush, queen-sized bed, even as Hiruma was working vigorously to disrobe him. The brunet grinned to see his tie go sailing across the room, and made sure that his shirt followed soon after. His eyes fell on the tub of frosting, which, strangely enough, looked as natural on their bed as any of their more conventional lubes and sex toys. If one considered those sort of things conventional in the first place...

And then Hiruma was kissing his body fiercely, hungrily... Musashi's eyes were wide open, his heart beating in anticipation, as his fiendish lover paused to tug viciously at his pants. The former kicker lifted those powerful--ne, legendary--hips in order to assist him, his cock twitching from the pleasure of Hiruma's hot, teasing breath as well as the little stabs of pain wrought by his razor-sharp teeth.

Musashi felt himself swallow hard when Hiruma deigned to fix him with a devious stare. He knew his lips felt dry, but he wasn't aware of darting his tongue out to lick them. The big brunet's entire being was focused on his newly uncovered arousal, and the sexy blond beast who hovered so close. The massive erection seemed to pulse and quiver of its own accord, as if straining to get closer to Hiruma's waiting mouth.

He held his breath at the sight of a wicked, pink tongue, groaning audibly when that tongue delivered no more than a quick lick.

"Hiruma..." Musashi's deep voice was thick with lust. "You've made your point. Now, I'd really like it if you'd keep doing...things. To me." He lifted a dark eyebrow and shook his hips to make his point.

It may have been Musashi's birthday, but that didn't mean that Hiruma was going to relinquish any of his bratty control over the situation. Which he was glad that the brunet had come to accept over the years. Musashi was the only one he ever trusted to control a situation, though, so he considered it a fair trade. The only thing he liked better than being in control was being right. So, when his lover had ground out that the tricky blond had made his point, he could barely contain a wicked smile.

"Hmm... Only thing I like hearing better than your moans is hearing you say that I'm right." Hiruma snatched up the ignored tub of icing, digging his fingers into the cream-colored treat before scooping out a decent amount. The devilish blond settled in between his lover's strong legs, slathering the almost sugary sweet icing along the length of Musashi's large cock. Nimble fingers made sure to coat every bit of the monster arousal. With the way the brunet was already nice and worked up, this process didn't take long. It took even less time before Hiruma's lips and tongue were on the hard shaft, the off-white frosting sticking to his lips as he sucked on the head of the engorged erection. A pleased hum made its way past thin lips as Hiruma sucked the creamy frosting completely off of the wet and sweet tip of Musashi's cock.

This was definitely ten times better than a cake would've been.

A pointed tongue dug into the sensitive batch of nerves, eager to clean up the dollop of frosting collected there. Hands still slick with leftover icing wandered the skin of Musashi's hips and thighs.

FUCK. This was, dear gods, definitely better than a cake would've been.

Musashi spread his legs, bucking into Hiruma's touch as the demon coated his cock with icing. The buttercream was thick and smooth and felt fucking heavenly on his flushed and hardened length.

"Then I guess hearing me moan that you're right would be quite the turn on? Maybe I'll keep that in mind for your birthday." Musashi had every intention of playing it cool, but he couldn't stop his hips from quivering, or his chest from heaving, the moment prurient lips and tongue wrapped around the head of his cock and sucked hard. Nor could he prevent the loud, gravely groan of pleasure that rumbled forth in response to Hiruma's simple hum.

"Gods. Hiruma..." The brunet threw his head back, gasping audibly. The devilish blond was playing with him... Rather, was playing with his cock; teasing the most sensitive bits in an effort to make the big man squirm.

And squirm he did. Musashi grabbed a hold of the comforter, fingers digging into the plush material as he willed his hips to stay still. Or, still enough. Every ounce of his being wanted more; wanted to feel the inferno of Hiruma's hot mouth claiming him fully...devouring him whole. The birthday boy was practically aching to thrust against that teasing tongue, and plunge his needy length deep into a wet cavern of bliss.

But he didn't, for two reasons. The first being Hiruma's fangs. The second was that as much as Musashi was now the impatient one, he knew from many spine-tingling, earth-shaking, orgasmic experiences that the best was yet to come.

Hiruma chuckled, sucking icing off the side of Musashi's arousal while his fingers played with the head.

"My skin's tingling at the mere thought of it." Hiruma traced his lover's cock root to tip, the creamy icing gathering on the end of his tongue. The frosting was definitely tasty, but he doubted he'd wanna have it again anytime soon. Talk about sugar overload... Hiruma gave an appreciative hum as he swallowed a quarter-sized dab of sugar, his tongue resuming its attack shortly thereafter. The blond's wicked tongue pressed hard against the pulsing vein underneath the twitching cock as it traced back up to the top. It wasn't long after that the mischievous imp took the brunet's length back into his mouth. Another hum sounded off, sending vibrations down his lover's cock. He sucked hard on the top of the shaft in his mouth, tongue swirling around the arousal, and flicking against the sensitive spot of nerves right below the tip.

Another hum from Hiruma made Musashi spread his legs that much more. It all just felt so fucking good. With Hiruma, it always felt good. But, tonight, there was something different, be it the addition of the buttercream, or the way the sticky topping made his fierce lover suck that much harder... Or, maybe, it was the whole birthday surprise, ruined cake and all, that made it all feel fucking extraordinary.

Hiruma's nimble fingers worked the sticky skin that his mouth wasn't on, squeezing the huge erection every so often. Slowly, the demon began to bob his head up and down, taking pains to mind his teeth. Of course, the insatiable blond would rather take the whole thing here and now, but he knew that would be anti-climatic. The former quarterback moaned around the mass trapped between his lips, loving the taste of Musashi with his new buttercream coating. His lips slowly made their way down the shaft with every bob of his head, and the suction gradually became more forceful. As his lips continued to stay busy, long fingers grew restless and began to knead the muscle of Musashi's inner thigh. Teeth scraped gently at the silky skin on his tongue as Hiruma's hand fondled and tugged at his partner's sac. A moment later, the blond retreated from the hot mass, moaning slightly.

"Mmm... Your cock's pretty damn tasty. I'm sure it tastes pretty good with a lot of things."

Adrenaline had started pumping the moment Musashi had spied the smoke. Before his nerves had the chance to fully unwind, he was barreling up the stairs with Hiruma flung over his shoulder. No wonder the nearly-stoic brunet was so worked up.

"There... Yeah. Just... Ahhh, um, fuck, that's good," was all he could say in response to every bob of the head and slip of the tongue. Each hum sent blissful vibrations down the length of his cock to resonate in the molten pool of pleasure in his core. Musashi wasn't conscious of closing his eyes, nor did he notice he'd bitten his lip until the coppery tang of blood brought him temporarily back to his senses.

If the humming felt incredible, then to feel and hear Hiruma moan into his massive manhood was just shy of sheer ecstasy. Musashi moaned along with his partner, hips nudging upward simply because he could not hold them still. He fisted more of the comforter, gripping the material so hard that his tan knuckles turned stark white. Though the ex-kicker was loving every single second of this most wonderful birthday blowjob, he missed having Hiruma close to him, up against his chest, near enough to kiss. And he wished it was the demon's surprisingly soft skin under his fingers in lieu of the blanket.

"Hiruma..." he moaned, eyes snapping open at the feel of deadly teeth and sharp nails against over-sensitive flesh. To say that big man didn't like those occasional pings of pain would be an absolute lie. He brought his head up slowly, eyes widening at the incredibly sexy sight of Hiruma poised between his legs, mouth hovering over his cock.

"Glad you like your surprise so much, fucking old man."

Hiruma smirked straight at his lover before he began his attack again. A pointed tongue swirled over the head of Musashi's cock, digging deep into the slit before placing his lips over the rosy head again. The devilish blond made sure to suck hard enough to get every last trace of frosting on his lover's erection, fingers stroking whatever skin he didn't have in his mouth. Hiruma sucked solely on the head for what could have been considered ages before his tongue moved to tease the edges and the slit. His let his head sink lower, sucking harder the further down he went. A wicked tongue then wriggled underneath the quivering length, the tip of the pink muscle tracing the quickening vein and digging into the sweet spot. Long fingers kneaded the muscle of Musashi's inner thigh. The seductive blond squeezed the brunet's heavy balls with his other hand, the pad of his thumbs rubbing circles right at the junction of skin that connected his lover's hips and inner thighs.

Although, once Hiruma's mouth had ventured far enough down onto the monstrous cock, his hands gripped onto his brawny partner's strong hips, finally deep throating the mass on his tongue. A loud moan spilled from his throat, sending vibrations down his lover's full length. Just seeing his tan partner writhe and moan was enough to get his own cock aching. While his jaw adjusted to having Musashi's huge manhood at the back of his throat, Hiruma let his hand wander, pulling down his pants enough to let his erection spring forth. The devious blond shuddered, swallowing around the hard arousal deep in his throat.

The blond's fingers began to stroke his own cock while he sucked hard and swallowed around Musashi's, mewls of pleasure ringing out. He moved his head back and forth slightly to allow the head of the former kicker's cock to rub against the muscle of his throat. As Hiruma's hand began to stroke himself faster, his lips began to bob up and down trying to match the speed. Every time his lips connected with the base of his lover's cock, he swallowed hard, working the muscles of his throat around the twitching erection.

Dear gods in heaven.

Hiruma was really pulling out all the stops, employing his entire arsenal of dirty, sexy tricks.  Every touch, every lick, every dip of the head and swirl of the tongue... Every stroke, every moan, every last bit of suction... Everything, everything, every little thing his demon lover did sent a jolt of pure pleasure racing through his nerves. Musashi's whole body was on fire, thanks to the devil between his legs. Hiruma used his wicked mouth to fan the flames, each breath and blow giving strength to the blissful burn of hot, liquid lust that churned within his core.

In other words, he was getting close. Damn close. The big brunet went from breathing hard to barely breathing at all, his broad chest catching and quivering along with the rest of his rugged frame. Fuck. It felt so fucking perfect. Except...

Except that Hiruma was still down there. All over him, literally devouring his cock, and yet...so far away. And, uhhh, those little noises that slipped from the corners of his lover's mouth... The mewls that tapered into needy whimpers... The muffled cries of pleasure that would have been heady, wanton moans, had Musashi's cock been buried in the tight, silky, searing heat of Hiruma's ass...rather than lodged in the back of his throat.

Would have been? No, should have been.

Musashi should be the one moving, thrusting, and stroking; it should be his hand pumping the demon's dagger-like length. It should be he that drove them forward, rocking their world with each snap of his powerful hips, bringing them closer and closer to the brink as he pounded relentlessly into Hiruma's svelte and supple body. ...While the horny devil kissed, and nipped, and sucked on Musashi's tongue; writhing, moaning... His sharp nails leaving deep red gauges in tan skin as he clawed at muscled shoulders, demanding--ne,
commanding--the big brunet go harder, faster, deeper...more.

"Uhhnn, Hiruuuma."

The demon's name evolved into a long, loud, gravely groan. Musashi's hips jerked when Hiruma swallowed him yet again, bringing forth another deep moan.

"Hiruma," he repeated, surprised to find his voice reduced to little more than a ragged whisper. He was so close now; too close.

The former kicker forced himself to take a keep breath and relax his hands, releasing his death grip on the sheets. He balanced on one elbow, reaching down to grip a slender shoulder before trailing two fingers tenderly over the blond's face.

"Baka. Of course this 'fucking old man' likes it," Musashi ground out, coarse words and rough tone seeming at odds with the sweet and gentle way he stroked Hiruma's cheek. His hand moved to wrap around the blond's ropey bicep. "So fucking much that all I can fucking think about...is fucking you."

The sounds his lover made were always the greatest ego strokers for Hiruma. It was nice to know that he could bring Musashi to his knees by just his own carnal talents. Not that he was looking to for a power trip, but the control of it all made him yearn for more. He would've been more than happy to bring the brunet to completion just using his mouth, but he definitely liked the idea of the former kicker fucking him into oblivion even more. The feisty blond slowly retracted his lips away from the now slick monster, licking away any remnants of icing or the salty taste of Musashi.

"Like I would say no to you fucking me." A mischievous grin was directed at the out-of-breath brunet as Hiruma rid himself of his last stitch of clothing, moaning at the fact that he was now blissfully naked. He hadn't really thought his own hardened length could take much more confinement. Hiruma's hands immediately roamed across the rest of Musashi's uncharted skin, his lips nipping and sucking on his lover's in a languid way. The blond moaned again as he felt their arousals rub against each other, a jolt of pleasure running up his spine. His cock had been neglected almost throughout the whole ordeal and yearned to be touched. Actually, any part of him yearned to be touched, but he knew he would be getting plenty of that soon enough.

As his mouth finally reached his partner's lips, his hand searched through the nearby bedside table for the ever-familiar bottle of lube. It didn't take long to locate it (seeing as they didn't keep much in there), and within seconds, Hiruma had a good amount in his hand. He broke from the kiss momentarily and slathered Musashi's cock with the slick substance, wanting to be on top of his tan partner as quickly as possible. The blond positioned himself above the monster of an erection, smiling down at Musashi.

"You'd better fuck me hard..."

(to be continued in Part 3...)


((Link to Part 1))


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Aug. 15th, 2008 10:55 am (UTC)
YAY more fic from the gogos ~ *definitely sticks $$$ in your g-strings* very very hot, as usual although, is it a bad thing that the 'the only whipping I'll do is in the bedroom' quote kind of tickled my funny bone? Lol. XD

More, please ♥♥♥
Aug. 15th, 2008 11:26 am (UTC)
Tee hee!! Thank you so much for reading and commenting!! And for the $$$ in our g-strings~ YUS! Yay for first comment.

SO GLAD YOU LIKED IT! And nooooo, it's not a bad thing at all that Hiruma's "whipping" quote made you giggle. Gogod will be thrilled! Her Hiruma is just so awesome, isn't he?? Gogo (and Musashi) love him so very, very much. Besides, he had to reassert some dominance after that whole cake fiasco--not to mention getting caught in that apron!

Part 3 will be finished soon. It, obviously, continues where this one left off: SEXY SEX. We hope...^^

((just replied to the comment ya'll--never sure if it's Silver or Harmony--left gogo's last LJ post with links to cosplay pics. let gogo know if you can't see them for some reason. Again, they weren't the best, but...we're working on it!! our next cosplay adventures will be KICKASS!))

Thank you again so much for the comment! We'll do our best to get the next bit up in a week or so. xoxo
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HEY, THAT QUOTE WAS PRETTY FUNNY. Hiruma is glad he thought of it. lol

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ALSO, I thank you for reading, even though you don't know about E21. That just means we are ten times MORE AWESOME for making it good enough for a non-fan to read.


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lol. We love us some capslock! And don't worry, one of us will ALWAYS be sure to point out when we post some porn! No worries there. As long as you don't mind us being like, "HEY MEGS. LOOKEE! PORN!"

One thing that's nice about the Bleach fandom is that readers are quite forthcoming with comments and support (and criticism. but you take the good with the bad, eh?). Comments don't have to be deep and thoughtful. Often, it's just nice to know that your stuff is being read. The E21 fandom isn't nearly as "vocal." Would love to get some feedback from E21 fans we don't know. ((not that we don't love, love, love when friends read our work and enjoy it!))

That said, thank you very much for reading and taking the time to comment. SO GLAD YOU ENJOYED. Hope that you feel better soon!! Hopefully we'll have more porn to post soon~
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oh my heavenly gods....that was so hot i need to go change my knickers.

cant wait for part 3.
Aug. 21st, 2008 08:47 am (UTC)
THANK YOU SO MUCH! Awesome compliment is awesome. Part 3 will be done within the week. It's mostly written, but just needs a little fussing with the very end and final proofreading.

If you liked this part, you'll definitely enjoy Part 3! Hot Musashi x Hiruma sex for the WIN. Those two are so damn sexy and we LOVE writing them. Therefore, writing a sex scene for them was all kinds of fun. Almost too fun, considering this was supposed to be a short little fic for Musashi's birthday. lolz.

Did you find this via 60yard_ammo or the general E21 comm? Just wondering! Thnx again for reading. We hope you'll enjoy the next part as well.
Aug. 26th, 2008 07:24 am (UTC)
I don't see part three and it makes me cry.

HOTDAMN. fuck this is hot.

I will be waiting (im)patiently for the next part.
Aug. 26th, 2008 07:33 am (UTC)
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Seriously~ Thank you so much for reading and commenting. We had fun writing this, so it's great to get positive feedback.

Part 3 will be done pretty soon. gogo & gogod have a deadline for Real Life writing stuffs, but will finish Part 3 as soon as that's done. It's mostly finished, anyway. Just needs a wrap-up ending and some edits.

Again, thanks so much for the read and the comment. So glad you enjoyed it!!
Sep. 12th, 2008 11:05 am (UTC)
Like I told Gogo... I can't believe that I hadn't read this already.

That said... WOW. You two sure know how to turn up the heat~ The more I read of these two, the more I love them. This was incredibly sexy - and fun! I'll definitely be looking for the next installment and the batporn that Gogo's been teasing me with. ♥
Sep. 14th, 2008 10:11 am (UTC)
Thnx, Day! We posted it around the time you were switching to a new journal, so it probably didn't show up on your f-list. NOT that we expect you to read everything we post. Or read stuff right away!

That said, we DO appreciate complements like "WOW." That's awesome~ *grin*

These two are just so, so, so much fun to write. And canon keeps giving us SUCH DELICIOUS MATERIAL to work with. In a shounen manga, they're about as canon as it gets (the exception being Ikka/Yumi, of course.;D )

Thank you so much for reading, and for the nice complement. If you liked this installment, we think you'll definitely like the next!

((and as for the Batporn...it's up to 8200+ words. somewhere around word count 7313, Bruce finally stuck it in. YES!))

Edited at 2008-09-14 10:14 am (UTC)
Sep. 13th, 2008 11:53 am (UTC)
*waves away all the steam that has mysteriously appeared in Tiggers room*

Im not sure who is more on edge after all that, me or Musashi XD

As always, you ladies just seem to get better with each fic you write.

I gotta say, i cant wait till its my birthday!

*goes to find some buttercream...*
Sep. 14th, 2008 10:21 am (UTC)

*whistles a bawdy tune while juggling a tub of buttercream frosting, a pair of handcuffs, and a camera*

SO, when's your birthday, Tiggs?

lol. Thank you so so much for reading and commenting. We thought you might like this installment. SO GLAD YOU DID!! The next part of this smutty story will hopefully be just as steamy. As gogo pointed in her reply to Day's comment, E21 canon keeps giving us DELICIOUS MATERIAL to work with. UNNNF!!

May. 1st, 2011 01:43 pm (UTC)
ok imma new here and your entry was the first thing i read! i lov it! Hiurma and Musashi alwys make a good couple! when are you gonna be done with part 3?
Jan. 21st, 2013 09:30 am (UTC)
That.. was some good stuff right there. That was just... FAB. VERY FAB. HIRUMA, YOU DESERVE SOME GOOD SMEX...

That's where this comes in.

Where's part 3. Q_____Q ahuhuhuhu..
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