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Welcome to the*gogos writing journal. It's a happy place, full of delicious yaoi and hot, hot boys. If yaoi/slash/boy-love ain't your thing, well...the exit's to the left, thanks for stoppin' by.

And if yaoi be your poison... Hell, have we got some cocktales for you. Some are strong, some are sweet. All are mixed with skill and served with pride. Oh, and did we mention that it's open bar? So pull up a chair and get cozy; read some yaoi and enjoy~

- the*gogos

Title: 10,000 Times Yes (Part 2)
Author: gogodgene (written to complement scenes by gogochan)
Fandom: Devil May Cry x Bleach crossover
Character(s): Grimmjow Jaggerjack, with inferences to Dante
50scenes prompt: Table 1, #008 Happiness
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): Minor cursing
Summary: Grimmjow does a little reflection.


Title: 10,000 Times Yes
(Part 1)
Author: gogochan (written to complement scenes by gogodgene )
Devil May Cry x Bleach crossover
Characters: Dante Sparda, inferences to Grimmjow and Vergil Sparda
50scenes Prompt:  Table 1, #46 Mistake
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Angst, cursing/ foul language, (more emo-anime Dante than DMC3 Dante)
Summary:  Dante's devil may care attitude has gotten him in trouble again. Maybe this time, he'll learn something.

AN: gogo wrote this after she and Dante seriously flubbed a heartfelt a moment. Romance and gogo have never been BFF.  gogod writes the most beautiful, sweet, romantic things for gogo's chars, and gogo's chars are always like "um...er...sex noa?"  gogo and gogod had planned to turn this into one scene between Dante and Grimm, but then it got reeeally long, because, as gogod said, "gogo and romance had a tug of war." gogod declared it a tie. Anyway, this is all Dante. Grimm's response will be posted next.

Grimm x Dante // 50 scenes // Sugar

Title: Cherry on Top
Authors: gogochan gogodgene
Bleach x DMC
Characters: Grimmjow Jaggerjack x Dante Sparda
Prompt: Table 1, #39, Sugar
Rating: R? Something like that.
Warning: Dante's dirty mouth, yaoi, sexual themes, foodsexy foreplay
Summary:  Dante loves his strawberry sundaes. Of course, what that trash talker does with his mouth is enough to make Grimm hungry, too.

Authors' note: This is the first in our cracktastic Grimm x Dante ~ Dante x Grimm series for
50scenes. As always, we endeavor to make the characters IC and draw from canon as much as possible. That said, in order to focus on the two chars, and not the issues of their respective fandoms, we've opted to give them a modern, urban AU storyline. In short, Dante is a hard-up private investigator who moonlights as an exotic dancer (canon stripper pole, bitchez~), while Grimmjow is an ex-marine who's currently employed as a bouncer/security guard. Good times...


More info to follow. This is just a quick post to announce that gogo & gogod have claimed the hot-as-demon-hellspawn cross-fandom pairing of Grimmjow x Dante ~ Dante x Grimmjow for  50scenes

Gogo & gogod have never denied being crack!whores, but there is a story of how and why these two beautifully brash badasses came to be (one of) our newest ship(s). Said story involves our new dark & violent, film noir style RP, hardboiled_rpg, a trip to the UK, a rave til dawn dance party, a sexy dream, and a text message. We'll elaborate (promise!), but right now gogo needs to say 'bai bai' to gogod and Indianapolis, and get ready for the drive back to Viva Nashvegas.

Look for some super!sexy, satirical Grimm x Dante ~ Dante x Grimm scenes very soon, as well as well more serious writing with this pairing and others. (Bya x Ren, of course, as well as other four--or maybe five?--other pairings. Whew!)

Here are the prompts we'll be writing for Grimm and Dante's scenes, from [TABLE 1]:

The ongoing AU Bya x Ren of WIN

Been meaning to post these  bleach_beats links here for ages...

Gogo & gogod began plotting and writing these two back in early July. So much plotting, so much emotion, such build-up...and they're just getting started. AU storyline set around the music/recording industry in NYC.

Byakuya (written by gogo) is the cold, calculating, semi-recultant heir to the Kuchiki fortune (and all the baggage that comes with it). Rather than immediately following in his father's footsteps, Byakuya opted to take a job in entertainment law. At a party in Rukia's honor, he meets Renji (written by gogod), a once-and-future tattoo artist with the body of an Adonis, a mind that's 2 parts cocky, 1 part loveable dork, and a heart of gold.

Their road to romance is anything but easy. Of course, that's what makes it so much fun~  Nothing makes us happier than making Renji laugh and Bya squirm. xoxo

Renji x Byakuya // Read My Mind

Pairing:  Renji x Byakuya
Read My Mind
Authors: gogochan & gogodgene
Bleach (c) Kubo Tite
Rating: NC -17 (seriously)
Spoilers: None. Set in Soul Society with no specific timeline.
Romantic, sweet, & really sexy. Thousands of words of hot, hot yaoi. In fact, this might just be the longest sex scene ever...

A/N: Gogo has been writing dark!Bya, angst!Bya, and seme!Bya for a while now, and he's so moody and ornery that he started giving gogo serious heartburn. Honestly, he needed to get laid. Thankfully, gogodgene agreed. SO much luff to her. Gogodgene's Renji is the hottest & sweetest ever, and she truly is the sorceress of smut. Enjoy~

Read My Mind, Part 1: "No, Byakuya, tonight we'll be doing' things my way"

Read My Mind, Part 2: “More…” he whispered, lips tickling the edge of Renji’s ear.

Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Byakuya / Shirosaki ~ Shirosaki / Byakuya
Series: Saturate 
Chapter Title: Pressure Point 
Author(s): gogochan & gogodgene 
Prompt: #6, Curiosity
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Bleach (c) Kubo Tite.
Summary: A tug-of-war featuring swagger, threats, and sarcasm leads to a rather tense worker/employer relationship.

Pairing: Byakuya / Shirosaki ~ Shirosaki/Byakuya
Series: Saturate
Chapter Title: Eye to Eye
Written for: 30_angsts
#7, Interest
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Bleach (c) Kubo Tite.
Summary: A life threat leads to an odd understanding.
gogo and gogodgene have been writing Bya/Shiro at bleach_beats We found it so amusing that we recently decided to pick up the pairing at 30_angsts to keep their hate=attraction "relationship" (if you can even call it that...) alive and, er, snarking.

* gogochan is Byakuya, andgogodgene is Shirosaki *

Good afternoon, Mr. Kuchiki. I was wondering if you'd like to play a little game? )

(originally posted at 30_angsts)